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I been around the world I seen a lot of things that make your chicken curl. My middle name is Carmel, you roll the Rrr.19.philafuckingdelphia.


Shinichi Higashi
Keio Plaza, 2014


Shinichi HigashiKeio Plaza, 2014


Women are told to breastfeed for their children’s health, then told that breastfeeding effectively means they can’t go out in public.


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ART: Slowmotion Tattoo

In this incredible, hypnotizing slow motion, close-up, we see a tattoo being applied by tattoo artist GueT. Seeing the skin ripple in super slow motion is both remarkable and slightly unsettling.

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"Do you remember the happiest moment of your life?"
"When I got my college degree."
"Do you remember the saddest moment of your life?"
"When I figured out I couldn’t use it."


"Do you remember the happiest moment of your life?""When I got my college degree.""Do you remember the saddest moment of your life?""When I figured out I couldn’t use it."



Drop the mic, Cecily.

Weekend Update 5-3-14, Part 1 | Weekend Update 5-3-14, Part 2

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Installation by Robert Seidel features colourful projections onto hanging abstract paper sculptures - video embedded below:

Hand-drawn sketches were the starting point for the installation grapheme. They delineate the artist’s initial creative idea and serve as the basis for the films projected, as well as for the form of the projection sculpture itself. These sketches are translations of memories and associations, which the artist, like in a diary, has captured from the most varied places and stations of life.

… The organic projection sculpture frees the film from the dogmatic limitations of rectangular silver screens and monitors. These delicate, laser-cut tissues float in the architectural space, light spills over them, and they come to life before the viewers’ eyes.

Currently shown at the Museum Wiesbaden, Germany.

You can find out more at Robert’s website here

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David Harber, UK. Polished stainless steel portal. Awesome!

Every David Harber creation is, in essence, a sculpture.

David is inspired by the abstract qualities of light, shadow, reflection and organic structure, and delights in exploring the juxtaposition of contrasting yet complementary materials.

His latest works are the Heaven and Earth series, combining oxidised and mirror-polished stainless steel to create dramatic and contemporary forms.

- See more at:

Mirror, mirror, in the woods…

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“Independent film is, on the entry level, a game that revolves around reputation, recognition, and, for lack of a more decorous term, the filmmaker’s ‘brand.’”

Zachary Wigon

— very true words.

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Phylicia Rashad Speaking Spanish and Her Audition Tape From ‘The Cosby Show’

"That was a wonderful character element that unfortunately didn’t stay. I don’t know why." - Malcolm Jamal Warner. Oh, we know why…

"There are a wealth of Spanish speaking African Americans who share my passion for the language.  One is one of America’s sweetheart Ms. Huxtable who learned Spanish when her family moved to Mexico during her childhood. I encourage my African American brothers and sisters to learn Spanish and Portuguese to connect across the diaspora.” - Black Girl, Latin World

She’s literally an angel

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